Psychopomp Services


Psychopomp is a word originating in Greek which translates literally as guide of souls.


As part of our work, we offer space cleansing of houses, work spaces and land.


The places where we live and work carry energy imprints of people and events in the past. Most of the time this energy goes unnoticed and causes no problems, but sometimes, in the case of previous traumatic events, the residual energy can make a place feel spooky or uninviting. Sometimes former residents are still present in the spiritual sense and may be causing feelings of unease or actual physical disturbances which can be frightening or at the very least annoying!


Here at Brigantia, we are able to deal with these energies and can cleanse your home or workplace so it feels like new, or move on unwelcome visitors with compassion and in a way that ensures they will not return.


People who have experienced this work notice a change almost instantly, and have reported that they have seen an improvement in their mental and physical wellbeing, improvements in work output and general happiness all round!


If you feel your home, workplace or land would benefit from our Psychopomp Services and would like more information, then please telephone, email or complete the contact form on our website.