Online Course


Introduction to Celtic Seer-ship and Shamanic Practice


This course is delivered online via email, in three modules. It is designed to prepare you for further training and workshops for both our Celtic Seer-ship training, and other core shamanic practitioner courses. It is aimed at the complete beginner, and will give an excellent grounding in the basic techniques of these ancient and powerful practices. The student will be taught the building blocks of Celtic spirituality and shamanic practice. You will be taught how to access the shamanic journey in a safe and sacred space. You will be asked to submit written reports on your experiences, and Sam will offer feedback including advice and answers to any questions you may have before sending out the next module. You can work through each module at your own pace, and email us with any questions you may have throughout the whole course.


Subjects covered:

What is shamanism?

What is animism?

Working with energy and the power of visualisation

Setting sacred Space

The art of smudging

The Three Realms of core shamanism

The mechanics of journeying

The power of the shamans' drum

Meeting the Power Animals

Power Animal retrieval

Healing with the Power Animal

The Celtic Spirit Wheel

Celtic Imm-ra (sacred journey)


Cost: £30


For more details, including what you will need for the course and how to pay, please contact us.