One to One Healing

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From Sam

I believe it is important for both healer and client to feel comfortable and happy working together, which is why I always suggest we talk either via email or by phone to clarify what it is that you feel you need help with.


When you arrive for the healing work you will be made comfortable on my therapy couch. We will talk a little more about the process of the healing and what will happen and how you might feel during and afterwards. I will cleanse you with an appropriate herbal smudge, depending on your needs, and then perform a feather, rattle and drum shamanic healing sequence to prepare your mind and body placing you into a relaxed and receptive state. During this sequence I will receive impressions and information from your energy field and my guides will tell me what needs to happen next.


If necessary, I will then begin my shamanic journey by using a repetitive drumming rhythm and enter the shamanic realities to retrieve information, energetic power or soul parts, depending on the situation. We will have discussed these possibilities beforehand, so you’ll be prepared.


If power or soul parts have to be returned to the body, they will be physically blown in through the crown and heart centres. People report a variety of experiences with this, but the general description is one of deep relaxation, calm, and a sense of peace and homecoming.


We will then discuss the healing and any recommendations I may have for your continued progress.


Shamanic Healing


Shamanic healing seeks the spiritual cause that underlies depression, physical illness and disease. It can often help where conventional medicine has had little effect.


Power Retrieval


Power Loss can happen at any time in life, especially when we suffer emotional distress, such as in the case of divorce or bereavement, or if we lose our job and our self esteem is affected. It can also occur after prolonged physical illness or during episodes of depression or anxiety. The Shamanic healer can help restore your personal power by journeying to retrieve a power animal that represents a medicine or set of attributes that will be most beneficial to you at that moment. My clients are always amazed at how apt their animal medicine is for their needs at that time.




Some illnesses manifest as an energetic intrusion of negative energy in the physical body. The client might experience it as a pain that just won’t go away or a recurring infection that just doesn’t respond to treatment. Through my journey work I can remove these intrusions and replace them with positive healing energies. There have been some almost miraculous healings from this work, and I love to see the results!


Soul Retrieval


We are all born with a complete soul essence and this grows and develops as we do. Occasionally, due to stress or trauma, part of our soul essence can break away as part of a survival mechanism and retreat into other realities. Symptoms of soul loss are: depression; anxiety; feelings of emptiness or detachment; de-personalisation, and an inability to move on from bereavements or to cope with the ending of relationships. Retrieving the lost soul part can effect incredible healing in the client. Something I can attest to, as soul retrieval ended my depression many years ago!

I will journey to these other realities to locate lost soul parts and retrieve them for you, so that your healing can begin.


About Journeying


Journeying is just one of the many ways I have of working with my spirit allies. I will be blindfolded so that I can see in the dark, and will play a repetitive rhythm on the drum which will guide me into a light trance state. Once in that state I can access any of the shamanic landscapes and will be directed to the appropriate place either by my power animals, or from information gathered during the opening healing sequence.


I will share all of my findings with you after the journey is completed, and we can discuss further strategies for healing if they are necessary.


Some people will see a shamanic healer only once, and some will feel the need for several sessions. Everyone is different, and everyone has different needs.


If you feel you would benefit from One to One healing and would like to make an appointment, or would just like more information, then please telephone, email or complete the contact form on our website.


I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.