About Us


Hello! My name is Sam and I am a Celtic seer, shamanic healer, animist, Reiki master, dancer and musician. I also hold certificates in counselling and have extensive experience in mental health support.


I have been walking a shamanic path for almost my whole life, after having what I now recognise as an initiatory experience at seven years old. Since that moment I have been aware of the reality of the spiritual dimensions, and have spent my entire adult life devoted to studying, researching and practising this ancient path.


I am of Scottish/Irish heritage and have felt a strong calling to work with the indigenous spirits of the British Isles, with particular emphasis on the areas of Scotland and Ireland. I adhere to a strong Celtic mystic and religious discipline through my studies with Sharon Paice MacLeod, Celtic Scholar, linguist and musician from Harvard University, with whom I am undertaking ongoing one-to-one training in Celtic history and religion. This course is ensuring that the information I impart in my workshops is as accurate as possible, which is vitally important for those seeking a genuine connection to our indigenous spirituality.


I have trained with many teachers for many years, but decided to get a formal qualification, and undertook my shamanic practitioner certification with Derek Gane at The Healing Tree Centre, Cornwall. I graduated in May 2018 (after a 43 year apprenticeship!) I have recently volunteered part-time for The Amy Winehouse Foundation, as their resident shaman, supporting young women recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.


Last September I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and have devoted the last few months working on my recovery using the practices of my ancestors to help me heal, along with support from the NHS.  I am now completely cancer free and can say unreservedly that my diagnosis was a true blessing as it highlighted areas where I still needed healing, and I have worked, and continue to work on these areas as part of my ongoing spiritual development.


I attend regular retreats and training with Anthar Kharana, my friend and Colombian Medicine teacher, and Anthea Durand, my shamanic alchemy and ancestral healing teacher. Other teachers include Paul Francis, the late Sarah Howcroft, medical intuitive and medium Sue Phillips, Alison Adamson and most recently Emma and Davyd Farrell, founders of Plant Consciousness and The Shamanic Lands conferences and I attended Master Mantak Chia's London Qi Gong workshops in October 2019.

I continue my advanced shamanic training with Derek as part of my ongoing professional development, and have frequently assisted him with his shamanic practitioner training courses.


I specialise in: Traditional Celtic spirituality; the Celtic Medicine Wheel; healing sexual trauma; plant spirit medicine; psychopomp work; shamanic dance; soul and power retrieval, and creating vibrational essences to support the Celtic shamanic work I teach.


Hello from Roger! I became interested in spirituality and the paranormal in my late teens. I then studied Indian and Chinese philosophy, beginning to practice Yoga and Chi Kung shortly afterwards. Practicing Yoga under the guidance of the late Dr. Swami Satyamurti Saraswati, visiting ashrams in England and Wales.


In my early 20s I attended university as a mature student, graduating in 1990 with a Joint Honours Degree in Philosophy and Psychology. I became a Volunteer Counsellor a few years later after gaining my Counselling Certificate.


I worked in the Health and Voluntary Sectors for a number of years before working as a Volunteer English Language Tutor in China for 6 months in 2005.  Travelling across the mainland and spending a short time in Tibet.


I have worked for a number of years as a Mental Health Support Worker, including a couple of years with The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, for The Disabilities Trust.


I become interested in Shamanism, and met my first Power Animal after attending a short course with Paul Francis in 2012. In April 2017 I attended my first purification Inipi Ceremony retreat with Colombian Medicine Man Anthar Kharana, who introduced me to the Native American Medicine Wheel and traditional Plant Medicines. I've been regularly attending purification weekends and other ceremonies held by Anthar ever since. This includes the Tribal Sound Healing retreat in February 2018, held in Colombia, with Sam, where we learned to make and use the feather, rattle and drum for shamanic healing.

I attend workshops and events held at the Healing Tree Centre in Cornwall whenever possible, together with supporting Sam & Anthar at the annual Shamanic Gatherings in Somerset. I have been attending Master Mantak Chia’s London workshops since 2018.


I am a Reiki II practitioner and practice Chi Kung & Yoga.