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One to One Healing

One to One Healing

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Brigantia offer a wide variety of workshops and training. It's our aim to share our shamanic teaching and experience with as many people as we can, ensuring we have an interesting and focused program, available for people at all stages of their journey. See the Workshops page for details of forthcoming workshops.



Here you will find information about our forthcoming and previous events together with links to other shamanic events that we are participating in.


What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is possibly the oldest form of spirituality known to mankind, with some experts placing it as old as 35,000 years. It can be considered as our authentic human state, as it was long before the emergence of modern patriarchal religions. The practice of shamanism seeks to heal through restoring power to the individual through various means, usually with the assistance of spiritual allies from non-ordinary realities.


Power can be described as our personal sovereignty; our ability to make and maintain boundaries in our lives. It is, for example, our ability to say no in difficult situations, or simply having the confidence to be our authentic selves.


Shamans and seers gain knowledge and the power to heal through entering into the spiritual dimension by way of journeying. Through the use of drumming or other repetitive sounds, the shaman enters an alternate state of consciousness where he or she interacts with their many spirit guides, who guide and direct them in their travels in the other realms. These spirit guides are always present within the shaman, energizing them and enabling them to enter the spiritual realities safely. The shaman heals within the spiritual dimension by returning lost parts of the human soul from wherever they have gone. The shaman also cleanses excess negative energies, which confuse or pollute the soul. They also act as guides or ‘psychopomps’ leading the lost or stuck souls of the deceased back to where they will find peace, and can help the dying to make their transition to the next world peacefully and without fear.


The shaman/seer works with all aspects of the living earth, gaining information and healing energy from trees, plants, animals, crystals and stones, and the various elements that make up life on Earth, and in the case of Celtic seer-ship, works with deity energy and the many beings of the Otherworld.


Shamanism fosters a global consciousness, seeking to heal not only the individual, but the planet as a whole. It is a practice that can take the individual deep into themselves, awakening them to new realities and new ways of perceiving the world. It can facilitate profound healing at the Soul level, manifesting powerful effects on physical conditions that may not have responded to conventional medicine. I know from my own experience with cancer how powerful these practices are, and how deeply they facilitate true and holistic healing.

The shaman can effect healing on people, animals, plants and trees, and even places. They can remove negative presences from the home, work space, or on the land itself, bringing peace and positive energy to those environments.


My personal ‘brand’ of shamanism is very much focused on the Celtic traditions of our ancient past. I am a ‘Seer’ in the tradition of the Gael. It is said that there is very little information on our bronze/iron age ancestors; but that’s not strictly true. There is a finite amount of information out there, but what exists is full and rich with teachings when we learn how to decipher it.  It is my mission; a mission that has been endorsed by the Spirits and Gods of my lineage; to bring this wisdom forward and re-integrate it back into our collective consciousness, and restore an indigenous form of shamanism to the British Isles.


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